index rules packages apply


  1. You must have HTML/CSS knowledge at the minimum. Previous Cpanel experience is a plus.
  2. If you are applying for domain hosting, you must already have your own domain. We do not provide the domains. You can purchase domains from GoDaddy or Namecheap.
  3. No suspicious or outdated scripts will be allowed on the server. If you don’t know if your script is outdated, ask. Cutenews/CutePHP is NOT allowed. Any site using this script will be warned and possibly suspended.
  4. No offensive material allowed. No bullying.
  5. Your website must be uploaded within two weeks of being accepted.
  6. Websites that are deemed inactive over a year will receive a warning, and if not responded, removed after 14 days of email sent. We want to make sure people who need active space are allocated it.
  7. Put "I understand Cutenews is not allowed." in the comment section of the application form.
  8. Keep your site backed up, you are responsible for your own data.
  9. Please link back to Candy Rain somewhere on your site. We want to make sure people know there is a service available for them if needed.
  10. You may provide FTP hosting to people under the domain package, but be minded that any space that person uses will be taken from your package and they must link back to Candy Rain.